Identifying Genuine CMST Products.

Dear valued customers,

We have recently received some feedback from market customers that some unscrupulous merchants are selling fake and inferior products under the CMST brand name. Today, we want to teach everyone how to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit CMST products.

Step 1: Identify Genuine and Counterfeit Products by Logo

In 2022, CMST updated its product logo to further enhance the brand image and improve the visual effect of the brand’s products. At present, all CMST products will use the latest pure white hollowed-out version of the logo.

CMST’s product logo has had three versions throughout the years: 1. Red, 2. Red plus White, and 3. Pure White Hollowed-Out.

Currently, except for special requirements from customers, we default to using the new version of the white hollowed-out logo. Furthermore, our logo is inside the product and not directly attached to the product’s surface. Products with externally attached logos are inferior counterfeit products.

Step 2: Examine Product Packaging to Identify Genuine and Counterfeit Products

Aside from the product logo, our cardboard packaging is also a crucial indicator of whether a product is genuine or not. Each cardboard box will have the CMST logo on it.

In terms of internal packaging, our products will have anti-counterfeit and outbound labels attached to the packaging. This serves as a verification method for genuine products.

The outermost layer of soft packaging is also a specially customised logo packaging for CMST.

Step 3: Refuse to Purchase Products with Unknown Origins

We have encountered some customers who have complained about our products not having a logo, having no after-sales service, and being quickly damaged. These issues were not present when they bought our products before, and their trust in our products turned into disappointment.

We want to reiterate that CMST’s products have satisfactory service and after-sales support, and when purchasing our products, please be sure to distinguish between bad businesses and manufacturers selling counterfeit products. These fake and counterfeit products not only damage CMST’s reputation but more importantly, also affect the interests of our customers.

Please be careful when purchasing products with unknown origins, and avoid being scammed by fake sellers. Remember that you get what you pay for. Refuse to purchase products with questionable origins and protect your own interests.

In conclusion, we ask our valued customers to recognize these anti-counterfeiting indicators to prevent the purchase of counterfeit and inferior products.

Aside from implementing various anti-counterfeiting measures to protect our CMST brand, we are also actively combating counterfeit products in the market. Any factories and merchants who produce and sell fake products under the CMST name will be dealt with through legal means to protect our legal rights. We hope that counterfeit manufacturers will wake up and cease their illegal activities.

CMST has accumulated 30 years of experience in designing, researching, and manufacturing automotive modification parts and is one of the earliest brands in the industry to do so. CMST primarily develops carbon fibre automotive modification parts to meet customers’ high expectation