Revolutionary Comfort

MasoAir Engineering, with 8 years of constant and rigorous innovation, they have revolutionised the comfort standard from every aspect.

All new OnAir product provides unrivalled performance in comfortability without compromising the vehicle’s handling dynamic, significantly reducing the road noise for a quieter cabin.

Ultra-innovated design, each system caters to a specific vehicle model, focusing on seamless OEM Integration, and easy plug-and-play installation without intrusion into the vehicle body.

All OnAir product comes with 3 years Limited Warranty on the original installation. Our product is built using the best quality of material in order to achieve this reliability that would withstand the extremely harsh environment if our customers ever encounter it.

OnAir™ Powered By MasoAir®

All In One Smart User Interface via Bluetooth

Center console quick access controller

Control Module

Upgraded processor and Bluetooth software to ensure the best user experience

OnAir Struts

The new dust cover seal design not only provides a great aesthetic feel, but also increases the life expectancy of the system

OEM Direct Replacement

Each component is adjusted to the best installation state before leaving the factory, reducing installation time to within 8 hours, with a 3-year warranty on the original vehicle.

OnAir Model 3

Looking to upgrade your Tesla Model 3’s suspension for a smoother and more comfortable ride? Look no further than MasoAir Engineering’s innovative OnAir product. 

OnAir Model Y

Looking to upgrade your Tesla Model 3’s suspension for a smoother and more comfortable ride? Look no further than MasoAir Engineering’s innovative OnAir product. 

OnAir Xpeng P7

Revolutionary air suspension coming soon for the Xpeng P7.

OnAir Toyota Alphard / Vellfire & Lexus LM

Revolutionary air suspension coming soon for the Toyota Alphard, Vellfire & Lexus LM.



No, OnAir connects to the 12V battery that is in the car and it won’t show any suspension errors. However, please lower the car back to the ground before turning it on

The same as using your radio, it is connected to the 12V battery in the car which re-charges when you drive

The warranty covers all of the parts on the OnAir System for 3 years

OnAir is only for Model 3 / Y, we do offer MasoAir for other cars though

Yes of course we can, just let us know what colour your vehicle is

The controller is wired in through a harness which is supplied, it also comes with USB-C ports

Yes you can, leaving it “aired out” for a few months is ok

Yes if needed we can increase the “high or low” ride height, however, we highly recommend you keep with the default settings for the best ride quality.

Low is 30mm lower than stock height, OnAir is lower 10mm than stock height, and High is 30mm higher than stock height, this is for a Model 3.

Low is 1.5 finger height, OnAir is lower 10mm then stock height, High is higher 25mm then stock height, this is model Y

Please download the “Huawei App Gallery” and then search for “My OnAir” you can download it that way

OnAir operates differently from Air-Lift and Accuair in that it doesn’t rely on air-bag pressure to determine height. Instead, OnAir adjusts suspension height based on tubing pressure, with the spring serving only to support the suspension. As a result, OnAir is a distinct concept from traditional air-ride systems. In terms of battery usage, OnAir is highly efficient and runs on either a 12V or 16V battery with minimal drain.

530mm in length
355mm in width
180mm in height

iPhone App Download

Android App Download

*Please contact us if you can’t find the app, we have the APK file for direct download

Please be advised:

  • Scan the code to download the APP, find the installation and user manual in the menu bar of the APP
  • After the installation, the power will turn on, and the system will automatically start inflating the air tank to operation pressure, no additional operation is required at this time. The system will stop automatically after the pressure is reached, please be patient. After the initial pumping, in order to prevent the system from overheating, please let it sit for a few minutes before lifting and lowering the vehicle. At this time, you can view the “Air Tank Pressure” in the app.
  • Use the ALL DOWN function, if the initial state of the vehicle is at the ALL DOWN setting, please raise the vehicle to LOW first, before going into a different height setting
  • Do not frequently raise and lower the vehicle in a short period of time, the continuous operation of the system might cause overheating in the equipment, resulting in failure or damage, which might not be covered under the warranty.
  • After the installation, please double-check strut tower bolts, shock absorber bolts, locking rings and all connecting rod bolts of the chassis, etc before beginning the road test
  • Do not dismantle any of the equipment and parts, it will void the warranty
  • If you have any additional questions, please contact us

Need help?

Please note: Most queries will be dealt with via email. Due to the complicated nature of delivery, import fees, VAT, fitting etc we can’t always give an answer over the phone.


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