Robot Craftsman Bodykit Installation

  1. We recommend seeking the assistance of a professional when installing resin and carbon fibre parts. Do not attempt to install them yourself or have inexperienced repair shops carry out the installation. If you have any questions during the installation process, please contact us for guidance. As these types of kits are highly specialised, we do not provide separate installation instructions.
  2. Resin and carbon fibre products have different properties than original parts, so their characteristics may differ from those of the original vehicle. This is a normal occurrence and should not be a cause for concern.
  3. The renderings of our products may differ slightly from the actual vehicle. The accessories depicted in the renderings may not all be developed, so please refer to the actual products for specific details.
  4. Carbon fibre products do not require painting and can be installed as is.


  1. Due to the characteristics of resin material, we are unable to create very fine buckles/clips/ harnesses. As a result, some of our products and accessories may use adhesive buckles, which may affect the appearance of the back of the product. However, this does not affect their functionality or the final appearance.
  2. After installing the product, it is a good idea to keep the original car bumpers and only remove the excess material (leaves) that were cut during the installation. This is because if you ever need to return the car to its original state, it might be expensive to buy new bumpers. Therefore, it is better to keep the original bumpers safe in case you need to use them again later.
  3. To apply a film to a resin material bumper, the surface must be sanded down until water runs off it like a film before the film can be applied. This will ensure a more secure application.
  4. When painting resin material bumpers, it is necessary to sand the surface and fill any sand holes before painting. Normally, paint shops will charge an additional fee for painting resin products, but this is a normal occurrence. During acceptance, please check carefully for sand holes or unevenness in the paint surface. Paint shops should handle these issues, which are caused by the characteristics of resin products, not product defects.