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Terms & Conditions

All orders placed with Robot Craftsman EU (phone, fax, mail, verbal, or e-mail), either directly or through a dealer, constitute the acknowledgement and acceptance of all of the conditions listed below:

Shipping & Handling Timeframe

The shipping time quoted is the estimated shipping time by shipping companies. Handling time varies from 1 to 7 business days. Out of stock items generally has a manufacturing time of 8-12 weeks. Customers should contact Robot Craftsman EU for the most accurate shipping & manufacturing timeline.

Shipping & Handling Charges

The shipping cost quoted by USPS, UPS and DHL reflects the best estimate of shipping cost by said shipping companies. Additional shipping costs may be assessed to reflect accurate real-world costs. 

Customers must provide a commercial shipping address for oversized items which requires freight shipping. 

International Orders

Customers are to be responsible for all local handling, local shipping, foreign shipping, foreign shipping, broker fees, customs duties, import tariffs, paperwork fees, VAT, tax, and any other shipping associated fees.